Everyone has different requirements for learning the guitar, so one of the most fundamental aspects of teaching is to provide a fresh and unique approach to suit each person's needs.

Whether it's learning new theory or tightening up your technique, focused learning will help you bring your playing to the next level. And seeing things from a fresh perspective can completely open up your musical ability.

Acoustic guitar is the style most suited for playing chord-based folk and pop songs, and easily the most versatile option. Find out more about acoustic here.

If you want to play electric-based songs, you can really only do it on an electric guitar. Find out more about the different styles and techniques covered.

Classical is as vast and varied as another other style, and can help you develop a musicality that can't be achieved with acoustic or electric. And for beginners, it is often easier to start playing.


Don't fancy leaving your house for music lessons? No problem - no matter where you are in th world, you will be able to have one-to-one guitar lessons over Skype. Click on the link above for more information on Skype Guitar Lessons.


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The main difference between classical and other styles is that it is played on a nylon string guitar - these guitars have a softer tone and in some respects are easier to play, so can be an advantage for beginners.